French-Japanese perspectives on disability Welfare policies and social participation

                          10, 11 et 12 mars 2022, online   

Perspectives franco-japonaises sur le handicap : Politiques et participation sociale


As a result of demographic and epidemiologic transitions, research tackling the issue of disability (be it age-related disabilities, chronic diseases, congenital disabilities or disabilities resulting from accidents) is brought to the fore in developed countries. In the social sciences, this field has been on the rise since the 1980’s, yet at the international level, it has been dominated by English-speaking countries and the approach of (critical) disability studies. In France and in Japan, as in other countries in Europe and Asian, research has emerged at the same period but, to this day, few comparisons and collaborations have been conducted between these two countries. Yet, French and Japanese situations do possess similarities and differences that can be analyzed in order to shed light on recent transformations in the social treatment of disability and to contribute to shaping future policies aimed at meeting demographic challenges while guaranteeing disabled people’s human rights and citizenship.
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